Japan RPF Industry Association member companies are striving for the expansion and a stable supply of high quality RPF under unified quality standards.


It has been more than 4 years since the establishment of The Japan RPF Industry Association. Thanks to the efforts of our first chairman Shiro Seki, former chairman Nobutaka Kato and the cooperation of all of our members, we have achieved the formation of JIS of RPF and close ties with competent authorities. I believe as I walk the inherited footprints of both chairmen that it is my mission to go forward in carrying out both the social responsibilities and the development of our association and its member companies.

Well, I think that the duties of this association that should be achieved in the very near future are,

① Development of future demand for and increased social awareness of RPF

② Improvement activities for fire prevention and prevention of personal injuries

③ Social contribution both domestically and abroad

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This association will, from now on, press forward to powerfully disseminate our message, acquire information and promptly carry out future-oriented activities, establishing special investigative committees and such on urgent issues. We thank you for your continued cooperation.

Japan RPF Association Kazushi Nagata, chairman


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