The current social environment within which we conduct business is changing at breakneck speed, and there is a need for the expedited implementation of global warming countermeasures in accordance with the Paris Agreement(COP21) as well as measures to combat marine plastic pollution.

There are copious amounts of plastic waste within Japan, and it is our duty to make as much of that waste recyclable as possible. Furthermore, we intend to contribute to the establishment of recycling systems in Southeast Asian countries where marine plastic pollution is worst by sharing our waste collection, separation, and recycling knowledge and technologies, helping to develop human resources, and assisting with implementation of infrastructure.

In order to make as much plastic waste recyclable as possible, the Japan RPF Association has set forth the following tasks for prioritization.

  1. Work to transition to a circular economy by endeavoring to make all plastic waste reusable and recycle it domestically. This includes petroleum-based plastic waste as well as plant-based plastic(bio-plastic) waste, which is expected to increase moving forward.
  2. In addition to promoting existing JIS standards, establish ISO standards and work to promote sales and develop new applications of Solid Recovered Fuel and RPF.
  3. In order to pass on our technologies overseas and develop them, we educate human resources including technical intern trainees through utilization of the technical internship program.

We thank you all for your continued support and cooperation.

Kazushi Nagata
Chairman, Japan RPF Association

Japan RPF Industry Association